Our chocolates are crafted exclusively from the fine cacao beans we produce on our farms in the Alto Huayabamba Valley in the Peruvian Amazon.

An exceptional micro-terroir

Nestled in the heart of the Upper-Amazon (the centre of origin of the cacao tree) and located in the transition area of the Unesco Biosphere Reserve Gran Pajaten, the Alto Huayabamba valley presents the ideal soil and climatic conditions for cacao cultivation.

We harvest our cacao trees all year round - with two seasons standing out from the rest of the year: the main harvest between May and July and a smaller one in October-November.

Organic farming and agroforestry

Our cacao production area covers about 120 hectares of plantations, spread across the communities of Santa Rosa, Pucallpillo and Pizarro. We cultivate our cacao according to organic farming methods. We actively engage in the implementation of diversified agroforestry systems under the leadership of our agronomist team, and in partnerships with local and international experts. This climate-resilient approach preserves biodiversity, improves water quality, enhances soil fertility, and mitigates the risk of erosion. It provides greater food security to our families - thanks to the food crops associated with the cacao trees.

The flavorful diversity of our cacaos Nativos

Our exclusive Nativo chocolates are made from a blend of more than one hundred rediscovered local cacao varieties growing on and around our farms, that we call “Nativos”. We only produce between five hundred kilos and one ton of these precious and aromatic cacao beans annually.

In 2017, thanks to the support of our community of chocolate lovers, we launched the Nativo Project, an ambitious conservation and research program on the cacao trees of the Alto Huayabamba. The first step, carried out between 2018 and 2019, was to identify and describe the many different cacao trees we found in our plantations and the neighbouring rainforest.

This tedious (but exciting) work made us fully aware of the incredible diversity of cacao trees in the region. More than a hundred different cacao trees were identified and described systematically (fruit size, bean weight, flower aspect, sensory evaluation of the fresh pulp).

This catalogue now serves as a documentary base for our research and development work led by the Choba Choba Foundation. Our work has two objectives: to preserve this precious and threatened diversity and to select the most interesting cacaos to produce ever tastier chocolates.

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