We are committed to offering pure and delightful chocolates. Beyond this, we aim to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience directly from our small cacao farms in the Peruvian Amazon to you...

This unique connection between us – the cacao farmers and the chocolate lovers – empowers us to become a global community of changemakers and a collective source of inspiration, happiness, and positive impact in the world.

Most of the 6 million smallholder cacao farmers worldwide are marginalised, receive low prices for their hard work and suffer from power imbalances in the value chain. Although farmers are a fundamental part of chocolate making, they cannot make a prosperous living out of their work. They are not incentivised to sustainably grow, harvest, and produce high-quality cacao beans.

36 cacao farming families from the Alto Huayabamba valley and our founders, Eric and Christoph became determined to pilot an alternative to a self-destructive industry. So, in 2015, they founded Choba Choba, the first Swiss Chocolate brand co-owned by cacao farmers.

We are not merely raw material suppliers - we are shareholders of the chocolate business. As a global team in Peru and Switzerland, we come together with aligned interests. We share the same values and vision. We share responsibility and ownership. Our value chain is vertically integrated. This means we have full control over the quality of our final product, right from the cacao tree.

We also gather farmers and consumers around a common passion for chocolate, delivering together transformative impact on the ground. We work hand in hand to reach our goals. Our name implies this – in Quechua Choba Choba means “I help you, you help me”.

Willkommen bei Choba Choba

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